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Hello everyone :) 🦖🐛my name is Chris I’m brand new to chameleon forums so I will start here I have recently purchased two male Rainbow Jackson chameleons from two different sources.The sellers diddnt know where they are from,nor their birthdays,but I am guessing Yoshi the biggest chameleon is 6 months old and the other male is a tad bit smaller.I guess him to be about 4 months old.they are both doing pretty good,they both have t5 ho repti-sun 5.0’s and 75 w heat lamp w dimmer.I have faux plants and 1 real one in Yoshi’s cage. Yoshi has a 24” x24”x48” repti breeze terrarium.I haven’t named the smaller one yet.(He just arrived Friday at 12.00 pm)he has a temporary smaller cage (repti breeze 16”x16x20”)He seems to be adapting welI.I have a little dripper on each of my cages constantly dripping on leaves into container.no substrate.I’m waiting on my dragon ledges they should be here tomorrow.then I can place more horizontal and vertical branches in yoshis cage .They have been eating and drinking good.Yoshi prefers worms where the little one loves crickets better.I’m learning as I go and apreciate anybody’s thoughts.I am new to chameleon forums.So forgive me if I make a mistake on here.Anyways thanks and much💚to all chameleon lovers. -Chris p.s Yosi’s on the left and little one is the right side picture.


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