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Hi my name is Dan
I'm new to chameleons and have been getting ready to buy my first veiled chameleon,
I've built a screen cage 36x30x18
I have 1 36" reptiglow 8.0 30 watt I plan to run 12 hours a day
also have a 150 watt incandecent basking bulb i plan to run 8 hours a daythe basking limb is about 12 inches from the basking light and 8 inches from the uv
i have live hibiscus plants for the cage

Im still looking for a good page about feeding schedules and amounts for veileds

also i live in south az-south ca and need to find a breeder i can pick up from.
I think the heat here would kill anything shipped by mail or ups
the pet stores here are no good

any sugestions or ideas are appreciated

what temp range is good i have about 90 near the top branch and 80 at bottom in day

Most of the breeders have ways of shipping in heat. If it is a good breeder they have it down to a science. There are a few breeders in So. Cal. I am not sure how far you are willing to drive. If you can find a breeder that is in SoCal you could probably get same day shipping that will lower the heat issue. You can look for a local Reptile show and possibly pick one up there also.

As far as feeding, when they are Juviniels and are growing. I feed mine Once a day. My Veiled is about 5 Months old and 6" from snout to vent. I feed him 12-14 1/2" Crickets (Gut Loaded) a Day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Then on Wednesday and Saturday I feed him about 12-14 Small Meal worms and 2 Wax worms. I just ordered Silk worms so I may be changing my schedule. I suplement Calcium:phosphorus 2:1 on the Crickets, and Herptivite Vitamins on the worms. Sundays I may or may not feed, and do not suppliment if I feed. I have Hibiscus and Ficus Trees, and have noticed about 1-2 times a week there is a leaf with a bite mark out of it. As he gets older the schedule will change from Every Day to Every other day. This will be when he is closer to full grown.

are you buying a baby vieled, juvinile or adult? the cage myte be a little big for a baby. from what im learned babies are stuck in a smaller cage for hunting purposes and also less room to hurt theirselves.
hey i also live in az and i got my cham from this little reptile shop its this lady and husborne they breed veiled chameleons there shop is called custom creatures where exactly do live in az

so far my cham is doing great he is about 5 months old
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Um 150w is a good way to burn.

Um, I would turn down that light bulb to maybe a 60W
the 150 is going to way over do it.
As the males develop their ridge spine, there's going to be a real danger
of them burning that as they try to sun themselves
trust me, you don't want that to happen.
They may burn that developing spine ridge right off their backs

also I'm a bit unsure regarding the reptiglo line of bulbs
they're touting themselves as being high output for visual light
and then lopsided on the UVa and hardly any UVb.
seems that their primary concern is visual showing off light vs actual health of the animal
(not to mention a bit too strong imho).

whereas, the reptisun's are perhaps a bit better
greater equality for UVa/b and at a lower over all output (5.0)
for such a shallow enclosure, it would be something to think about.

I use a double tube 40w workbench light fixture (42")
and set the second tube with a cheap visual light fixture (8-10 hour timer)+ a 60w bulb
that way, I get a nice balanced UV mix and nice visual spectrum light for the show. YMMV
anyone else with their thoughts?
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