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Hello from snowy Michigan! I have never kept a reptile in my life but after doing much research on the net I am seriously considering the possibility of purchasing a chameleon. They are all very beautiful-I'm sure that we've all heard this before-but they are like living pieces of art! I have many questions, most of which I'm certain I can find answers to on here. One quick question that I do have is: Is there a 'beginner' species of chameleon? I am looking at panthers...any opinions? Thanks,


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Welcome to the forums...you coming here will dramataically help you on your road to cham keeping:)

as for your question , yes panthers chameleons are one of the "beginner" chams, also with veileds, and jackson chameleons. Are the most common.

However i feel if you do the proper research and , ask the right questions from the right people, you can care for any cham you wish to own.


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yes i too am very new to chameleons and this site has all the info you need. welcome and be sure to put up some pics when u finally get your new cham
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