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greetings everyone. Let me start off by say I'm not new to chameleons. I had a veiled when i was 12 that lived happily for 4 years. Now as of the last 6 years i have gotten into T's majorly. ( im the crazy spider addict you hear about with 75 t's in my room, lol) but as of now that im married that collection has declined (still have like 20 thought). i have done my homework recently and have chosen to get a new chameleon. i know reseach isn't always enough and you do pick up a ton of knowledge when actulaly keeping them, same goes with T's( i ACTUALY thought i was ready for my first pokie) anyways, i wanted to ask more about the care since it has been a while since i had one, and wanted to relate it to something i have exp with more recently. so here it goes.

to all T owners, how would you compare keeping a chameleon to a T? would it be comparable to say a pokie or even a tedeious as a T. blondi?

I have a P. Regalis and a L. Parybana in their own acryllic enclosures that I keep at the bottom of my big enclosure for my panther. Nice to be able to keep them in their so I don't have to worry about proper humidity in other areas of the home. They all eat the same size crickets and occasionally I will throw the T's a mealworm of their own. I was new to chameleons and bought my first one in early january, and my second in late january. Much easier that I thought, but you do have to powder the crickets too. That is really the main difference. T's, don't need the vitamins like the chams. Did you have to start cutting down on T's at the wife's request? I'm very very fortunate, my girl is the one that got me into reptiles and T's. She is definitely a keeper.
welcome to the forum. im freaked out by spiders but find them very cool, im sure you will like it here

Yep we are a suburb of Sacramento, right near Folsom Calif. So did you watch the UFC fight this last weekend? I think it was held in Ontario. Kind of disappointed me GSP didn't knock out his opponent.
Did you have to start cutting down on T's at the wife's request?

Na its just i had new things going on in my life right then and i saw that i didnt have room for them in our new place with a baby on the way so my T's went to a freind of mine :(, but i still have my favorites :D, lol. she was not ok with them when i first got one but after 7 or 8 she warmed up and not likes them as much(if not more) than i do :rolleyes:. but i cant wait for my lil guy. i remember how....."friendly"....my old veiled was so a panther should be a nice change
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