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New to this site so I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and tell alittle about myself.

I purchased my first chameleon (a Senegal) earlier this year to get me started. I purchased an already made enclosure, waterfall, and lights etc. Everything was going great with him so I puchased another chameleon (a Veiled) since its what I wanted to begin with. The Veiled is only about 2" in body length right now and not sure how to tell it sex yet. After finding the sex out I would like to purchase another one of the opposite sex. I'm also working on an enclosure which I'll make a post in that area describing it and hope to get everyones input on it. Ialso have right now a Bearded Dragon, a Ball Python, and two birds to go along with the two chameleons.

Well thanks for taking the time to read
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Hello ArrowHawk, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

You can determine the sex of your veiled by looking at its back legs. Males will have little spurs near their feet. I don't have a picture at the moment, but if I find one I will post it.
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