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Hello all! I'm new to the forms! After months of research my fiance and I finally decided to get our first Chameleon! We decided to get a little pygmy chameleon! No name just yet! but he's a great little guy and is sooo friendly! You can't even go in his cage to mist him or clean him because he starts reaching those little hands out to climb on you!! :D

Here's our little guy!
He is a cutie! Do not overhandle, they do not deal with it well. Make sure you have temps in the low 70's, they do not handle heat well either.
Congratulations!!! I want a pygmy :). My veiled liked climbing on me a lot right when I got him. That lasted until around his first shed. Then he just hid in his hibiscus whenever I open the cage to feed or mist him. Enjoy it while you can (but not too much;)).

After a month or so of hiding from me, I started hand feeding him, and he at least stopped hiding, now he looks at me with indifference until he sees the silkworm in my hand. He hasn't willingly (I only take him out when I'm cleaning the cage) climbed on me for about two months now. And when he's out I usually set him on the Jade plant I have in my kitchen after about 30 seconds, while I finish cleaning his cage.
first of all..WELCOME! this is truly the best forum out there,everyone is so helpful and responses are almost immediate:) and second..CONGRATS on your new baby..i have a pygmy as well and i looooove him to pieces! he has such a cute little personality and a very sweet demeanor..i handle mine maybe every 3 or 4 days,i will let him stick to my shirt while i watch tv and he gets to enjoy the sunshine while doin it so he enjoys his time out lol..i did have a female with him when i first purchased them,but she passed away from being eggbound:( so now he just lives out his happy little existance alone..dont think he cares less haha..since getting my pygmy i have purchased two veilds and i loooove them too! its a growing OBSSESION! but an awesome one to have:) glad you guys did some research before deciding on what to get and i wish you all the best:D he is a handsome little man by the way:D
Hi, welcome to the forum. What a sweet little pygmy you have. i had no idea they were friendly. Good luck with him and let us know if we can help. Also big pictures are great no problem:)
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