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Frank Castle

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First off I would Like to say hi to everyone.

I have been a herp lover since I was 16 and got my first lizard (Water Dragon). I have since had Beardies. During the time I had these great lizards my brother had a Male Veiled. I have not had a Herp for Over a year and a half now (Parting with them was hard when it was their time to go :eek: )and came to the conclusion that I am ready for one again. I plan on getting a veiled. I look forward to chating with you all and having some support with this new adventure I am about to take. Thank You

Hello Frank, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :) :D

Chameleons are more delicate than most other captive reptiles. Doing good research before purchasing a chameleon is very important. Besides browsing these forums, I highly recommend checking out: Chameleon News.
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