Heated vine??


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Ok so I just ran across this product; http://www.zoomed.com/html/heat_cable.php . I am very confused, that doesn't even sound like a good idea to me. I remember all the fuss about the heated rock and animals getting burned, couldn't this cause the same problem? It seems to me that they are advertising this product for chameleons. What do you guys think about this product good or bad?? I am just thinking that if you have the cage set up properly they would have adequate heat without it. I just thought I would post and see what you guys think! ( I definatly don't plan on buying one)



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those are not very good. can burn the chameleons feet, and are not worth the money. dont buy, just stick with a heat lamp


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Sounds bad to me..........

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......am not familiar with the product but it just does not sound like a good idea. If a cage is properly set up it does not need anything like this. It's not a "natural" type of heating. I don't think heat should be radiating from an object inside the cage. Heating from above is closer to what nature does and will cause basking behavior that is closer to what occurs naturally. I think its best to make their cages as close to nature as we can get them.


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So I feel better knowing I am not the only one that thinks it is a bad idea. It scares me though because this is another product pet stores will push to new keepers of chams, they will buy it and probably not have the knowledge to know when their cham is being effected by it. But that is why I am glad there is a forum like this, I just wish everyone knew about it!

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I have said this before:
I don't like gimicky reptile accessories.
I do like the heated seats in my car tho.:)

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