heat/light issues...


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Until now, my cham has had a 100W normal household bulb (yes, my house IS freezing) which keeps his basking spot at 80-88F.

I got a new boiler yesterday, so I now have efficient central heating, and his basking spot jumped to 96F, so I have gone back to his 60W bulb to see how the temperatures go - if need be, I'll hunt down a 75W

He's sat under his 60W now, but he seems a bit confused as to what time of day it is - the rest of his cage is now very dark, theres literally only light in the corner where his basking lamp is, and the light isnt going much further than a few inches.

How can I get more light into his cage? I could add a 2nd basking lamp for him, but thats only going to achieve lighter conditions in the other corner - how do halogen bulbs compare to incandescent bulbs for light/heat output?

Any bright ideas?

(bad pun, im sorry :eek: )
Perhaps a third light source if you are worried about temps. Something a few feet away that won't affect ambient temperature in the cage.
Don't you have a UV light?

I have a reptisun 5.0. Gives off nice light.


especially when room lights are out

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