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i just read a forum and I have a question about my Chameleon. I was wondering if it being the color he is a good sign. I have pictures of him in my Gallery. please let me know if he look ok or is he too stressed out. Sorry this is my first cham. thanks for the help
He's pretty little.
Look at the thread titled "feeding hatchlings" and read the links posted on there (the last ones posted by Will).
No, that's fine.
I am guessing he's only 3 or 4 weeks old. You need pinhead crickets that are only a few days old and you need to gutload them and start a dusting schedule. You also really need the uvb light and a drip system.
When you mist the cage (3 or 4 times a day) don't mist him directly. Just mist the plants and screen around him. Get a thermometer as well so you know what the temp is near the basking light. For his age low to mid 80's is as warm as you want it in there.
I just looked at your pics again. He might be 5 weeks. Still awfully young. He'll be fine as long as you do your research and learn as much as you can about caring for and raising a baby veiled.
yea i mist and i use a bottle with a hole in the bottom as a dripper... yea i know cheap but i read it was just as good and i plan to buy one next week or so ..u know and i do mist the plants not him cuz he seems scared... and yea i do feed pin heads... i wanted to feed waxworms but i guess they are too big... and the uv light i have one right now that is a red infrared and it sais it give uvb light and the pet store person said thats all it many times does he eat?? i do dust with calcium 4 means a week and i feed 5 crickets at day is that ok...??
He should be eating 15 to 20 pinheads a day.
The red light is no good. You need a flourescent fixture with the zoomed 5.0 light.
Dust your crickets with calcium with d3 2 or 3 times a week and with herptevite supplement once a week at this stage.
Waxworms are to big for a couple months and he should only get 2 or 3 a week later on.
yea i was about to ask u if i can feed more cuz on the day he was shedding he seem really skinny. I only have calcium ill get the other things too. based on the pictures does the cage look on?
You could add more branches and vines so he can really explore. If he has shed already he's at least 5 weeks old.
Are you free range feeding the crickets? Make sure you remove them at night so they don't chew on him while he's sleeping.

Just looked again and saw the dish.
Is that plant in a vase of water? He can't fall in there can he?
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yea i plan to put more cuz he is roming alot.... and he is on the top of the cage and not really on the plant... is that bad? im guessing he wants branches... and i feed him in a small plastic container.. its 4inches in diameter and 2 inches deep and its not transparent so he dont hurt his toungue... but i put it on the floor the picture i think u can see it..
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