Head Shed

Brad Ramsey

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I feel kind of silly posting this but I'm curious.
Every once in awhile Kitty will have a "head shed"
No other part of his body...just the head and casque.
He's perfectly healthy and I'm not worried about it....just
wondered if anyone else's sub-adult veiled does or has done this.
(He does have kind of a big head:rolleyes:).


Edit: By the way he's 9 months old now.

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Okay...HERE'S a picture.
By the way the white spots you see on his body is not shedding.
He has just been misted and it is reflection off the water droplets....only his head is shedding today.
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Mine has in the past. Guess I really can not say if it normal or not. Mine is healthy too. He does have a gigantic head. It is probably a full inch bigger then my last males and looks big with pictures I have compared it to. Maybe Kitty will be the same too.

Got to say Kitty is getting big. Not sure if he looks like a Kitty any more. Maybe more like a Simba or Leo.
One of my male veileds will shed a line of skin along his spine inbetween almost every shed. This spot also sheds with his normal shed and everything comes off cleanly. I have no idea why they do this though :)
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