He won't do it for me...


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Ferdinand will happily eat straight from the cup for my husband, but I have to hand feed him. He's a high maintenance chameleon.


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How come u have to hand feed him?

If he like cricks, you can turn them loose in his cage so he can hunt them, or built a cheap "Sunny D Death Trap".

Also, don't forget that jax LOVE bb flies.
I just gave Noogie a bunch for breakfast.

He was geared to come out when I opened his door, but when he saw the fly container, he was like; 'forget this idea, I see FLIES!!' :eek:


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Oh Ferdie goes NUTS for bb flies, too!

I don't *have* to hand feed him. I usually feed him one or two feeders and then turn the rest loose in the cage. But for the hubby, Ferdinand will jump right into cup and chomp away :)

I uploaded the photos from my phone since I was in Houston for work this week. They look terrible. I'll have to redo it from the laptop. Ah, technology...
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