He loves grapes

So I have had Link since Halloween. He came to me eating only crickets and now he is on a steady diet of Dubai roaches and hornworms with crickets every second week. He is VERY food friendly....he takes stuff right off my hand and is a pretty friendly guy.

So because he seems to eat anything offered to him I decided to see if he would eat a skinned grape. He LOVED it. He would have happily eaten more but I know they are only ok as a treat so he only got one and a half.

It was just neat to watch him enjoy something other then bugs since Loki my veiled will only eat bugs. I tried giving him a grape and he looked at me like I was insane lol

Here is Link after his grapes :)



I've never seen a panther chameleon eat fruit. Thats pretty cool maybe you could try feeding him things that can be used as a meal as opposed to just a treat! He is a beautiful cham by the way.


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I had a male Nosey be that also liked grapes. Also eat spinach leaves & watercress too.
I used to peel the grapes, though not sure if it made a difference.


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Did you just hold the grape up to him and he'd eat it? Would it be immediately or would it take a while for him to recognize it as food?


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Never seen a panther eat fruit!!
My veiled cant pick wet fruit up with his tongue.
He tries a few times and gives up.
About the only fruit he can pick up is blueberries.


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I could never get my guys to eat their veggies! He's a good looking guy but he does have a burn on his back so double check your temperatures and basking spot so it doesn't get worse.
I just peeled the grapes and cut them in half. I offered him one and he tried to zap it up with his tongue but he dropped it, so the second time he took it right from my hand with his mouth and left his tongue out of it lol. I did put one in his cup but he didn't eat it, he only ate the ones I offered him from my hand.

He came with the burn, although the guy I bought him from tried to say it was a result of his last shed and it wasn't a burn :rolleyes:. I have been keeping an eye on it and its defiantly getting better.
I forgot to add, he ate it right away.....but Link tends to think he is getting food every time I open the terrarium so he zaps at things right away and asks questions later lol


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Hahah that's awesome! My cham gets really picky about his foods and will eye them for a while first before deciding whether or not to eat them.
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