He loves dubias


I gave Snodgrass some dubias today. He LOVES dubias! I'm assuming they are gut loaded the same as crickets but do they need calcium dusting too? If Snodgrass is eating about 16 small crickets a day how many small dubias should I give him? The dubias are just under half an inch long.
I assume since they have sort of a shell type back they would have more calcium than crickets. I would still dust all your feeders lightly regardless.
Dubia have more mass, so it won't take as many. But, u could weigh ur crickets u usually feed and then weigh the dubia. That's good yours eats dubia, mine eat them sometimes and don't touch them other times.
my chams are on full dubia diet... my sub adult can eat 10 small dubias a day for my male sub adult he eats 3 adult male dubias a day
They need to be dusted as you would crickets. The shell is chitin, not calcium based.

Well you'd think the chitin would have more calcium to be able to be hard like that. Think about pillbugs/isopods. Tons of chitin and slightly more calcium so you'd think that dubis would have the same advantage only a lot less.
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