He Is Here!


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well he is here and looks amazing, but my camera's batteries are not working and need new ones, i will get them later this afternoon and will post them. he is a very well marked chameleon and couldn't be happier.:D
well hes exploring all around his cage. he is a very dark color right now, im going to feed him a few of the fruit flies i got with him, and see if he eats anything. i cant help but to watch him from a distance, lol. im going to try to leave him alone, i know its best. so im going to get a hair cut and pick up some crickets. i should have ordered the crickets soon, but they should be here later this afternoon. ill also get some batteries while im out too, and ill post pictures when i get home
male veiled, he is eating right now so im glad about that! im going to try taking a picture with my cell phone and email it to myself and post that
here is a picture not that great took it with my cell phone. he also started running away and i didnt want to scare him that much. hope you like!


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Looks good, i just picked up my babe ambilobe panther at the white plains reptile show thanks to vince from screameleons. I understand how excited you are lol good luck.
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