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I went into town to buy some crix and waxworms for my cham, and I come home to find him not in his aquarium, he is in a 55gal temporary because of a fire. I have no idea how he got out.. because the plants are not tall at all, half the aquarium size :confused: Ive been looking everywhere for him even with a flash light to try to spot him.. Where is a good place to loook??? :mad:
For future reference, check the high spots in your house if your chameleon goes missing. They may wander around for a bit on the floor, but in the end they'll always try to climb something to get up higher where they feel more secure.

But while you're looking up high, be careful where you tread. They tend to get underfoot quite easily (because you hardly notice them).

Also, I've notice on the odd occassion when my cham does climb out his cage (usually when I'm doing maintenance or cleaning work on it) he tends to go for the light. That's not actually a good thing, because the light comes from the windows, and if the windows are open, he'll get out into the garden and that's when they become really difficult to find...
So my advice is that if there is any chance of your cham escaping its enclosure (like when the cage is open), keep the windows closed!

But maybe it's time for you to get a mesh cover for that temporary aquarium - you'd hate to lose your cham, or even let it get injured if it gets out and wanders around your house.
Glad you found him this time.
The other day, my cham got out too. I looked everywhere high first. I even took the curtains down, because I did not want him walking on dust. I live in an apartment that was not cleaned when I moved in. I've since thrown away all the curtains except these last ones. How liberating to be rid of them.
Anyway, I proceeded to remove many things from my room, carefully. There was a folded up pillow case that I decided to throw into the laundry basket behind my bedroom door next to some really tall fake flowers. I spiked it in really hard and suddenly heard all this hissing. I guess I knocked him off one of the flower stems into the basket. lol I apologized profusely. My roommate and I played with him, checking him over for a half an hour after. He's ok. But the cage is being revamped today!
yea, my cham got out for the first time about a month ago, she was sitting on the cage, 3 inches to the left of the door on the cage, basking underneath her uvb light. lol, she could've gone anywere in the house, but she chose to just enjoy the uvb.
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