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Hello there, I am new to the forum but hoping get to get some help with my chameleon freddy. I had him for roughly two months now and I’m noticing that he is not eating from his cup. I been doing a lot of research and I know if common for them not to eat when people are around but I do keep a cup of food in his enclosure but still having no luck. I have notice from time to time when I try to tong feed he will go for the food from time to time however I do stand there 20/30 min before he even reaches for the food. Should I be worried give more time? Also should I only tong feed?

The enclosure is set up with a t5 uvb light and I have a mister in the back along with a heat lap and a plant light. (I did get freddy from petco) and since then made sure to make all the correct changes needed after doing much more research. However I’m still learning so any feed back would be wonderful to help my little guy live a happy life.
Welcome to the forum!

What are you trying to feed him? How big are the insects? How old is he?
Thank you. I have tried super worms, horn worms, Dubai roaches and crickets. The crickets were only at the beginning til I was able to get my hands on more Insects. He is 8 months 🤞🏼(I think)
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