Having problems cup feeding


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Hey guys, I got my first carpet chameleon yesterday:) I saw him drink, but he didn't eat anything. I have a feeder cup placed under his basking spot. I'm using a deli cup that I cut in half and drilled holes on the bottom, that didnt seem to work because every time the mister goes on all of the crickets drowned and died, after he slept I took the cup and cut the bottom off and put a mesh screen on the bottom thinking this will solve the problem.
Today I went home on my lunch break to check on him. He was sitting on top of the feeder cup, I got really happy that he was eating. But when I checked the cup most of the crickets were dead he only ate the few that were alive.
What can I do so the crickets don't die? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
How old are the crickets?
I understand there is drainage now, but Are they still getting wet/sprayed? (if so, relocate the mister or the cup)
I'm not sure how old they are, but there between 1/8-1/4"
Do you think it will be alright to move the cup since he already knows where it is now. Or if I move it do think he will find them eventually.
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