Have car, will prang -Early Sydney


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IT was almost 100 years ago, but Sydney motorists have hardly changed.

Almost 50 shocking, hilarious and revealing photographs have been selected for a new exhibition next week, titled Collision: Misadventure by Motorcar.

Vehicles emerged as an essential form of personal transport in the 1920s and increasingly police were called to investigate traffic-related accidents. The images have been selected from hundreds of boxes recovered from a flooded police basement in Sydney's west, and carefully archived by the NSW Historic Houses Trust.

"We are going through more than 130,000 images taken by police investigators from car accidents, mug shots and crime scenes," assistant curator Holly Schulte said.

"We've digitised and archived thousands of these images and pulled out what we think is an interesting collection of vehicle accidents."

Ms Schulte said the images show the changing nature of the way police recorded evidence at accident scenes.

A small selection of images ~ Note the early speed radar! :D

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