Hates tweezer feeding


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My jevenile Cham hates when I try to feed her a cricket with the tongs form zoomed. Any recommendations for ways I can make my Cham love me


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Cup feeding is a lot easier.

As for making your chameleon love you the short answer would be no. Chameleons are a very solitary animals. Contact of any kind with an animal much bigger (people) than them is stressful and their natural reaction is to hide or defend themselves.

Best thing you can do is build trust using food as a kind of reward. You need to start slow when working with chameleons. Start by making sure the chameleon feels safe in its enclosure by providing lots of plants and foliage to hide in. If you just got the chameleon then give it space for a few weeks so it can settle in to its new home. Only enter the cage to put a feeding cup in and clean. Approach the cage slowly as well.

When the chameleon stops trying to hide when you approach the cage you can try to feed while holding the feeder cup. Let the chameleon come to you to eat. It wont happen over night so if the chameleon doesn't eat from the cup in your hand, leave the cup and feeder inside and try again the next day.

Eventually, the chameleon will get comfortable with you holding the cup and eating from the cup in your hand. This is when you can try hand feeding or tong feeding.

Key things to remember are never reach for the chameleon unless its an emergency, never put your hands above the chameleon, never force the chameleon out. If it doesn't want to cooperate then leave it be for that moment or day.


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you really cant make a cham love you... but to build trust spend a lot of time near their cage, make sure they see you put the food in, make sure they see you even just in the room because every time they see you shouldn't just be you reaching into their cage to provoke them, then they will not like you. just read a book in a spot where they can see you it will help the cham understand that every time it sees you you wont come and provoke them. chams really don't love much except maybe roaches... but if you build up enough trust maybe one day your cham will tweezer feed.
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