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My female veiled chameleon who is roughly seven months (and we’ve had her for three) has not shed since we got her and I’m very worried. My friend got the male that was with her and he’s roughly a month older and has shed at least three times. There isn’t really any difference to how their being taken care of, other than the fact he tends to have a normal sleep cycle. I’m just worried. She looks and acts very healthy, I’m just not sure why she hasn’t shed yet


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what do you mean by tends to have a normal sleep schedule? If you fill out the"how to ask for help" we can see better if it may be a husbandry problem or something else


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Fill the help form out.

Generally, chameleons will shed when they need to shed. Often young chameleons shed extremely quick when they are ready so its possible you havent seen the cham shed. Once they start the skin practically pops off them. Adults will shed slower.

Photos of the chameleon and enclosure may help along with the form linked above.


It wasn’t long after I posted that she shed! I moved her to a more quiet area of the house and instead of turning off the light at inconsistent hours (I work nights, and evenings!) I’ve made it a priority to remain consistent and ask my family for help doing this. Lights off a seven. Lights on at seven. She seems to be sleeping better. Before, she was up all odd hours and sleeping through the day. I think it was the amount of traffic and odd heat (as it’s winter in Maine, the heat would go up at night instead of down) that changed in that area that affected her. I was worried about her being too cold in another room, but I’ve figured out what works. It’s just hard to change things when I’m not there to observe at the crucial hours


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