Hasn’t laid yet…any cause for concern?

hey guys! update !! i put the new bin back in because I didn’t like how small the other one looked, and I put a camera in there too (she’s never bothered by it) and today around 5 pm she started digging!! we covered it and it’s now 12:05 am the next day and she’s almost done !! super happy that she just had a longer cycle this time and it wasn’t an actual problem. i’ll give the egg count when i’m able to do it. her lights shut off around 9pm but she isn’t sleeping lol she decided to finish ig. thank you all so much for everything!
YAY! And phew! Our girls do make sure to feed our anxiety.
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update! she laid 35 eggs (last lay cycle was 30) but she went into autopilot mode like last time so I had to take the bin out again (see my other post about it). she ate a hornworms and 2 dubias and is just taking her time rn rubbing her face on things. some eggs seem to be a little squishy tho, they’re infertile anyway but is that a problem? like they’re not all fully firm, not terribly squishy, just a few dents and when u press on it it dents somewhere else
My girls’ eggs have always been a bit soft too. While I haven’t any experience with breeding/fertile eggs, I’ll guess that they harden up eventually after being laid.
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