harlequin's new digs..what y'all thnk


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So my little female veild Harle'(harlequin..its actually a shade of green) aka cammy was showing signs of being gravid..shes about 5 moths old so i had to put her in the big..girl cage so i could fit a laying bin in the cage with here and the 16x16x30 was too small for that so i got the 24-24-48 reptibreeze...

got some new bigger plants, camellia and a star jasmine along with her chefellera(spelling), pothos. the hibiscus and the dracanea..potted them in square storage bins with liners.. i used liners for a little extra support and poked holes in the bottom for drainage and used one for the egg laying bin so it actually looks line solid ground for her(i'm assuming..they are 10.5x10.5x10 so the fit perfectly in the cage and actually have handles on them so i can literally slide it out the enclosure with the small door instead of having to go in and remove it..you can see the first pic i was seeing how the idea would literally fit in the cage..

got some wood dowels and a plant stand post from wal mart..i used gorilla tape to fasten them together so i can take the wood frame structure apart if need be instead of gluing it all together...removed the 10.5x10.5 bins put the plants in and the replaced them and fit the plants around them.. im still using the uvb light i had on the small cage until my new one gets here(ordered a 24 inch 2 bulb set up) and added two extra domes with regular 60 wat full spectrum bulbs for extra light..

wrapped the back and left side in a plastic painters liner and added my fogger to it..she HATES misting and runs from it as soom as she sees the bottle and doesnt come out from hiding for about an hour after but she seems to like the fogger...or at least it doesnt bother her or scare here


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Looks great! :D Love the jasmine! It will grow like crazy! Nice to wrap around the vines n stuff :p
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thak you.. i worked pretty hard on setting it up and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for replying :D this is my first cham and i seen some really nice cages so i want to make sure im doing it right
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