Hardwater stains


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Hello everyone!

I just had a quick question. I mist my chameleons cage two/three times a day to keep her humidity up..the problem is I end up with hard water stains all over the side of her aquarium. I have been scrapping it off with a razor but that doesnt work very well and I end up scratching the glass. Does anyone know of anything that is safe that can take it off? or a better way to do it? It makes her cage look nasty.

Thanks for any ideas/help!

Yes vinger is good just make sure to get it rinced off well , if you use ro water to mist the cages it will elimanate future hardwater stains.
I've heard that lemon juice is the best at removing hard water stains, and it smells better than vinegar. Put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and wipe the glass down.
Many really sturrborn hardwater stains, arent stains at all, its often etched glass. So, you basically have to live with it or use softened water.
So Im assuming lemon juice isnt toxic to chameleons? Since its natural and all... but I just wanted to be sure in the off chance I didnt get it all rinsed.
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