Happy Hatch Day Ivy


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Yesterday my little girl Ivy was one year old. She is a sweet girl and we love her dearly.

Ivy had a special silkworm snack yesterday and today. Ivy mated with Hammy last month and she will be laying eggs next week.

Happy Hatch Day sweet girl!

lolaivehammy06232019 380.JPG
lolaivehammy06232019 392 - Copy.JPG
lolaivehammy06232019 410.JPG

Hammy Ivy and chams 7 6 19 236.JPG

Hammy Ivy and chams 7 6 19 248.JPG

Kristen Wilkins

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Chameleon Enthusiast
Shes has such beautiful blue streaks in her casque.

Thank you Amanda!

Happy hatch day Ivy! Pretty girl!
Good luck with the egglaying! I'm sure she'll produce some pretty babies!

Than’ you Lynda! I’m worried about the egg laying.

Happy hatch day pretty girl . I can’t wait to see these babies :love: .

Thank you Kristen!

Happy Hatch Day (belated) Ivy!

Thank you Michelle!
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