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I finally feel I have food growing for my chams. :)When I cleaned stick bugs today I counted 99 sticks. :):)I still have a few eggs left.:):) I love stick bugs, but I wish I could find some silkworms until these grow you. My chams do not have a variety.:(

You know you are bored when you count your feeder insects!

My Indian Sticks are doing well, and I picked up some info on feeding Indian Sticks that may be helpful.

When you get blackberry cuttings, cut off the new lighter green growth and throw it away, supply the darker leaves. The new growth has a different chemical makeup which is not beneficial to sticks.

Also, you can use oak leaves as well during the spring and fall. I also raise ET, the stick that looks like a scorpion, also known as Australian Sticks, and oak leaves are supposed to make stronger egg casings for them as well. I don't feed the ET's off, they are quite prickly, but they are great for kids to handle as they don't kick as a defense or spray as some of the sticks do.
Nick i had nothing decent to feed my adults during the winter so my sticks lived in a 2x2x3 cage with a couple ficus trees. If you look at the trees you can tell they were eating. Now they get fresh raspberry bushes. I also have 4 pots of raspberry bushes growing outside now for use this winter. Do you think that will be ok? I only counted the sticks as I moved them from the raspberry branches to real live plants. I wanted to make sure I had all of them off the branches. i will feel a lot better when I have a few adults.
my stick twigs are getting bigger :D my eggs still have not hatched tho- but I have hopes ( hopes they do better than my silk eggs :p :eek: :p )
I want to be a stick person too. Where are all the sticks?

Brian they are all at my house. I am a nice person, I have offered a home to any sticks looking for a loving home.:rolleyes: So they will get eaten later, you can't have everything.:D
I've been outside looking for these things and can't find them anywhere, I did find a mantis but he's long gone! I haven't found katydids or stick, they're so hard to find! Ugghhh help Laurie!!!!!!!
Is privet not toxic to reptiles? My sticks eat steamed pakchoi or choisum or just a romaine leaf. No berry bushes around and my ficus has died after 1 year of being chomped and pooped on.
Food for stick insects

You will need a lot of raspberry plants to keep them fed over the winter months. Best to keep a steady rotation going and consider even getting one of those little indoor tents with some grow lights- the sort some people might use to cultivate certain" weeds"- look on ebay for that. Personally I would get a deal going with a local florist shop to buy salal every week or two- you know the large green leaf on woody stems used in flower arrangements.any species will eat that E . Tiatarum the thrives on it and so do Indians and Eurycantha calcarata. My local store can get me wild harvested and no pesticides used .
By the way all but the largest E tiatarum make the best treats for panther chameleons just select the appropriate size for the Cham, honestly they never get tired of them and really are a life saver over winter months when food variety can be limited

No data to back me up on this but I would avoid privet if sticks are to be food items- privet is toxic to many things and personally I avoid it all together, besides there is always raspberry or blackberry in most locations, is safe and most sticks will eat it, I even use wild raspberry as is plentiful in my area

I would be happy to answer any stick insect questions if I can, I have been breeding several species for the last 5 years and moved into keeping chameleons 2 years ago once I was confident I could establish a year round breeding population
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