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so my veiled cham seems to be unhappy. He acts normal and is active. He is a secret drinker but I have kinda spotted him drinking from a far. He just always is very dark in his enclosure. And as soon as a bring him out. (He just walks onto my hand) he turns all bright and become happy. Idk I think it is a lack of foilage but I'm not sure.



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One of the biggest myths is that bright colors equate happiness. They equate stress/stimulation, which could be anything from aggression to curiosity. Bright colors rarely mean happy in the animal kingdom, they usually mean 'back off'.

As for him being dark in the enclosure it could be that he's trying to warm up or is just at his resting colors. Many people think chams are supposed to be beautiful all the time, but most chams have dull resting colors and that is good, it means they're at ease. I'm not saying this is the case for sure, but it's something to consider.
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