Hank is 2 Months Old 4/22/19


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My sweet baby Hank is now two months old and getting some blue.
I wanted to share a few of his photos from yesterday.










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Cute AF. What type is he Nosy be?

Hank is a baby Nosy Be.

He is GORGEOUS. Wow! What breed?
Also, awesome photos!

Thank you Jordin! hank is a Nosy Be.

Amazing color on that little guy! Looking marvelous! Good job on incubating, hatching and raising one of my "whitest eggs" I ever seem to have shipped to someone! How cool that you can enjoy his whole, entire life! Little Hank is such a lucky little boy!!! Fantastic pictures as always!

Thank you Matt! Hank is the sweetest little boy!

When I retrieve my jaw from the ground remind me to tell you how beautiful he is!
Of course it’s one of yours. your chameleons come out so beautiful

Thank you Joxie!

Thank you! I sure work hard at trying to select optimal breeders to ensure that we have healthy, beautiful chameleons with sweet personalities!

You do a great job, Matt!

He's such a cutie Jann!

Thank you Ashton!

Oh Jann he is just stunning. I adore the pics with the horn worm. So stinking cute. I love watching how he matures! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your kind words Becca! The hornworm is hiding from him.

I love the details on the beautiful baby cham...What kind of camera u use?

Thank you! Our camera in a Nikon D90 and the lens used was a 105 macro.


Thank you Jan!
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Cutie patootie:love::love::love:

Thank you Brandy!

Jann I can’t believe hank is 2 months already . He’s bigger then patience hehe . He looks wonderful .

Thank you Kristen! Time flies.

Wow! Such an awesome lil guy. I love that baby face!
You couldnt take a bad picture if your eyes were closed. Great as always and thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words Kris!

I can't believe how many blues he's showing at such a young age - can't wait to see him grow into his big boy colors!

Thank you Michelle! You need to come and see him. ❤️
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