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Awesome forum. I have learned so much so far. I have my first question: I have a nice male Veiled Cham in a 20X20X32 screened enclosure. He LOVES to hang upside for some reason. Is that normal for him? He has some nice vines with a live Schefflera plant. Basking area is about 85 to 90. He has a drip system and gets misted about 3 times a day. He eats GREAT. Man, when he spots something he just about flies down to get it. LOL Any help is appreciated.
How long have you had him and how old is he? If he's young/new it's common for them to do it and when he settles in he'll grow out of it
Thanks for responding. I got him at about 1 year old from someone about 2weeks ago. He looks healthy and moves well, especially if food is around. lol
Also I have his UVB light on top. It seems he might be looking to crawl high as it is darker above the light. Maybe he thinks there is more room to crawl higher.
I'd give him time to settle in as they can stress easily and moving isn't the most less stress free experiences of their lives, I've just changes a thin vine to a thicker vine and my females noticed it and is thinking something's wrong
Could he be looking for a way out? I would ask the previous owner if he let him out for free range time.
Last owner would handle him RARELY but did not allow him to run around. He wanted to be left alone. He used to handle him but he left for college and when he came back he didn't want to be handled anymore.

Also, I have left the door open and he doesn't come out.
One down side to free ranging - pt1

I was going to post something different, but the frantic, infernal scratching
sound coming from the next room is driving me crazy, so I changed my
thread title.

Four of my 6 chams are now fully 'domesticated' and used to being let out to
free range in my Chamitown.
However, I cant let them all out at one time, maybe 2!

If Smeagie comes out, I cant let anyone else out! he thinks he OWNS
Chamitown (our free range has a name!! :rolleyes: ) and he is one mean
dude to the other chams (like a puppy to me)!!

Anyway, sometimes they ALL insist on being let out at the same time (like NOW!!!), and they don't mind letting me know it!! :eek: :eek:
Oop! sorry!! didn't mean to crash your thread!! :eek:
I actually thought I was starting my own!!

That's what I get for mixing wine with Xanax!! :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

Mods, please feel free to delete the about post.
I have a 4 month old panther, he likes to hang upside down by his tail and back feet and he bats the leaves of his ficus around like he is playing with them. As soon as he notices anyone watching him do this he stops and goes back into a normal position. I cant get a picture of it. But its funny.

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