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Hi guys sorry if this has been answered before but maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

I was wondering if there's anything i can do to get my chameleon used to me handling him...he's fine once i get him out but he doesn't readily climb onto my hand when i try and get him out, he usually has a hiss and a puff! I want him to get used to me handling him so it easier to clean his vivarium etc...

My latest plan has been to buy a houseplant and when he comes out i sit him on that for a while so he can just chill out and take in the surroundings, he seems to be enjoying it. But is there anything else i can do or is it just a matter of perseverence and patience?

I usually handle him daily before a feed in the hope he'll assocaite it with food :confused::confused:

Try opening the cage door and see if he will climb out on his own and then you don't have to approach him in the cage if he doesnt like it. Open the door and put the plant right outside the door and then see if he will crawl on the plant by himself. THEN I would try to get him to climb on you from the plant. Alot of chams do not like to be backed up in their cages but are more willing to be handled when they are out like you said. I let mine climb on the top of my door and then I would put my hand under his front two legs and chin and let him climb on my hand. It took awhile but then he would run right on my hand. Of course, I think he assoicated that with going outside in the sun or on my patio to free range. Now, he is tame enough, where I can open up the cage door approach him inside the cage and he cliimbs right on. Just keep working with him but don't stress or push too hard if he is resisting all the time. Let it be on his terms.
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