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I was just wondering how much handling is too much handling. I've had my veil for about 1month now and only removed him from his home once so that i could clean it. i don't want to stress him but i also don't want him to be frightened everytime i try to remove just because he is not used to me handling him. Which is the lesser of the two evils?
give him time. Dont take him out much now just have your hands in the cage working so he gets use to your pressence first. I think thats the best way. My panther only puffs a little now with my hands right next to his head. He use to get up, hiss and bite when I was 1ft away. Now I can be within 1in and he does not care. Of course this took 6 months of care.
yea i got the same problem, but he just turns around and runs away from me, so i give him his space, and try to touch him as less as possible until hes a little older. hes still afraid of me so i dont know if thats good or bad, but i know hes not a play toy so i just watch him from a distance and thats good enough for now

I live in an apt. and have 1 Male Blue on Blue Ambanja and a Ambanja female. I handle them everyday to move them to the balcony cage for their daily sun tanning session. They don't seem to mind it at all and love to be out in the sun. Does this seem rare, that they don't give me much trouble at all when it comes to the handling? Other than that, I leave them alone in their cages.
its just the personality of the chameleon. My panther walks up to me and climbs on my hand everytime i put my hand in the cage and he would just about walk up to anybody that puts their hand out. When he was a baby he used to run like hell when i went to the cage. Eventually they willl learn to tolerate you. some take longer than others and some just never learn to tolerate you. my veiled used to try his whole life. my deremensis doesnt run from me but he doesnt like to be handled either. i handle so they can learn to tolerate me so when i do have to handle them it doesnt stress them out. It just al depends on the personality of the cham.
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