My panther chameleon hisses and lunges and bites at me and tried to bite me anytime i have put my hand in front of him to attempt to have him crawl out onto me. I dont do this very often because ik you should try and not handle them much but today i tried again and got the same result and i would like to stop this from happening if possible sooner rather than later for when i have to move him out of his cage to move him into my new house in a year and for things like enclosure remodeling

Klyde O'Scope

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This is common. Time & patience.

Many start with coaxing them onto a hand-held branch first. Once on the branch, you can work on transferring to your hand.
Do not come at them from above or behind (They think you're a predator). Always from the front and below (at least until trust is established).



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Mine was very skiddish and would run away and hide or he would puff up at me and open his mouth. It took months for him to come around, I know it sucks, but it really does just take time and patience.

How long have you had him?


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I am no fan of trying to tame your chameleon as it is impossible to do so anyway. Some Chams are just more tolerant of being held, but the ones that don't like it, clearly show it by being defensive like your Cham is when you attempt holding him. You're stressing him out and he might even start to dislike your presence the more you stress him out like that.

He might love you more if you try and handfeed him more. just to get him more comfortable with you around
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