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My Female Veiled Cham is 4 months old and I was wondering about her handling. Some people say to let them decide, or take them out every day and let them get used to it. (I got her on June 17) I decided to try and to the everyday thing, but I don’t know if I should use like a stick or something, or she can grab onto or my hand. If I use my hand she will bite me and run. I tried hand feeding but she doesn’t trust me fully yet and turns dark when I look at her, so I don’t know what to do. Please Help! (I know that they aren’t handling pets)


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If she bites your hand and runs when you try and hand feed or handle her, you probably shouldn't do that. Biting is their last line of defense and if you ignore all other warning signs to the point where they feel they have to bite, then you are probably stressing her out. Especially if this is something you do every day, it will cause health issues for her.
You need to show her that you're not there to hurt her, but also that you respect her boundaries. Honestly it's just like earning the trust of literally anything else on the planet, except it takes longer with chams. Try and hand feed her, if she gives you warning signals just respect her boundaries and back off. Try again the next day, and the next, and the next next next next. Eventually, hopefully, she will learn that you're not going to hurt her and she will start to trust you more... or she wont. It's all up to her.
People like to say that it's not like dogs or cats, but honestly it is like dogs or cats in the trust sense. If they dont want to be your friend, then dont try to force them.

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So as stated if she is biting she wants nothing to do with you touching her. So read my blog that was posted and see if she learns to trust you as her bringer of food first. do trust building with hand feeding before you ever try to touch her.
I guess I should say hiss, and that’s only once in awhile. Heh oops


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I regret not trying more with my panther he is more "spirited" or fiesty than most veileds according to my vet. Not that he's closer to a year I'm afraid he is stuck in his ways.
I recently met someone in my area who has his brother and they are totally different beasts. Funny that they are 100% different colors too.

I've tried the stick method open door method using worms and all that ....home boy just don't like coming out of his enclosure

Loves hand feeding doesn't like being handled.

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take 1! I just did it with a dubia roach and it took her 29 min! I'M SO EXITED!!! honestly i can't thank ya'll enough! i didn't think it would happen! Thankyou Thankyou thankyou!


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With chams, its all on their time. If they don't want to come out. leave them unless its an emergeancy. My veiled holds a grudge against me since I had to give him meds twice per day orally when he was around 8 months old. Hes now almost 3 years old and tried to kill me anytime I enter his territory...

My fiance maintained trust with him by following essentially the same guide that Beman wrote about in her blog post (linked above). Kyle will only climb on my lady when he wants to lol
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