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Fractal is a large, dramatic chameleon with lots of evasive maneuvers, topped with lunges and biting. Any handling suggestions to getting him into a carrier to take him to the vet?
I found that you just have to have alot of patience. Never rush your chameleon or pull it off its branch. You have to let him walk onto your hand willingly. Some people here suggested using a wax worm to persuade them to come close to you. Or you can get him close to the door and place another plant outside the door for them to climb onto once they exit the cage. You can probably use the waxworm to get him to go outside and on the plant.
Then I'd better get started tonight. Because he's decided he hates my hand and will do anything NOT to get on.
once i get my veiled out of the cage he is fine, if you can first coax him onto a stick he might calm down a little bit and alow u to carry him for a bit
I stick one hand in front and one hand in back and he will probably back away from one of them...always works for me..
i had to get mine out today and into a plastc container so i could bleach the floor under his cage. i got him to climb on the top of the cage and slowly moved the box around until he climbed in it and then he didnt want to leave it after the 45 min he was in it. i think he was in shock cuz he didnt move the entire time, i felt bad for him but i didnt want him to get sick from the bleach fumes. idk he seems fine with my hand as long as i dont hvae a glove on, that freeks him out big time. and im scared to get bit without a glove on.
This is probably going to sound really silly lol - how about trying some green or brown gloves? :p
at first i try to let her come to me on her own, but she sually doesnt, or turns away. If i place my finger just below her neck, near her legs, she climbs on. Similarly to how you would get most small birds to hop on your finger!
All the things mentioned, I have learned fast this past day and a half. He was great at the vets... we did the bad hand good hand trick and I got him out. Once out he was great. Today, I tried the stick method. And then later, my brother came over and we did back hand forward hand and I finally just grabbed him up when he had no hold on anything. I would not pry him. I also noticed, he loved climbing onto my brother's green sweatshirt. And he wanted to stay there.
It's so funny, because I cannot show my fingers in the cage, but I can outside the cage. Inside, he wants to bite them. lol
Females are easy compared to this little T Rex. lol
You guys are great... you came up with all the tricks. :D
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