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Nm OP has replaced photo and comments with a period. You know hiding your sick chameleon isn't going to make her any better right? We are here to help but if you don't ask for it we can't help and your so called "friendly" chameleon that "loves you" won't be alive and you'll be "holding" a dead chameleon


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Ahhh yes, I see this one went with the "erase the post as much as possible because I can't delete it entirely" approach.

As opposed to the "TELL ME HOW TO DELETE IT AND I WILL I WISH ID NEVER POSTED *proceeds to argue for hours*" that we've been seeing a whole lot of lately :rolleyes:
Hopefully just a troll...


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I'm sick and tired of this forum's crusade on love. Can't it be possible that this little reptile, which has evolved to be terrified of giant predators, has finally found love with a giant monkey? You all need to open your hearts.

No more building walls, let's tear them down. Man and cham


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I understand some of the frustration but I think we need to be careful not to discourage new members from seeking help. People who are new to the community or who may be browsing for the first time will see this thread and could decide not to ask a legitimate health question for fear of being ridiculed.


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For the sake of discussion and be cause i didn't see the original post...
Chameleons are solitary creatures and ambush predators. they feel best when they think no one knows they are there. Handling them destroys this feeling for them.
sometimes it is necessary to handle them, to move between cages, medicate etc.
Here are some good references. https://www.chameleonbreeder.com/podcast/ep-80-handling-your-chameleon/

It wasn't about handling, it was about a chameleon that was obviously gravid and had something sticking out of it's back, being so loveable that he pets her until she falls asleep in her arms. Word for word, I could have sworn I've seen the same thing posted before. It was the old, 'my chameleon is different' chestnut. Brad is right though, I guess I shouldn't just assume they're trolling. Next time, I'll try to give OP the benefit of the doubt.
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