Hand or cup feeding?


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How do I teach my flapneck to either eat out of my hand or out of a cup? Do I just only offer food that way and eventually he will get hungry enough to eat it? I keep superworms in a shallow deli cup up in the branches, he has yet to eat any. He has only eaten crickets and only when I have placed them on the screen and he sees them walking up it. Seems to have no interest when I try to hand feed him. I would like to either get him hand feeding or eating worms/crickets out of a cup so I don't have to worry about lose insects in the cage chewing on him and so its easier to keep track of how many he eats.
Just put the cup under where he can see it, and leave some worms/roaches in it small enough so he can eat them.

If he is interested he will grab some because he can see them wriggling around.

That way you can count how much he eats and none will get lost/die in the cage.
If you normally release the crickets or such in his cage, go ahead and add the feeder cup in a spot where it is below a branch so he can see down into it. add a few of the feeders loose in the cage and the rest in the cup. He will likely eat the free range ones, and then when he gets hungry, he will eventually feed from the cup.

It may take you a few days, but they will normally take to it.
OK thanks, so just don't feed him free range and he will get hungry enough? I was worried about him not eating for a few days, but that is ok if it takes that long? At what point should I step in and offer them how I normally have been? Like should I offer them if he hasn't eaten out of the cup after 3 or 4 days, or?
feeders run up and down, that might work your you...
even superworms and isopods walk around it!
Currently what I have is just worms in a deli cup, I have been free feeding the crickets. I am going to make one of the feeders similar to the one you posted to put crickets and worms in and see if he uses that better.
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