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Got my Jackson Chameleon a week ago. How do I get him to hand feed? I am feeding him crickets. I held one out to him and he just ignored it. I tried a few different times.

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I would recommend that you offer him the first cricket of the day, by hand.

If he does not want it, then release them as usual.

Eventually he will take it. After this happens a few times, he will become more and more comfortable with you, and eventually not mind hand feeding at all.

In my opinion, its a good step to get them more used to you, but you definitely want them to hunt most feeders.

I think Ive held a cricket in front of my chameleon for almost 10min before, before they took it. :rolleyes: So it may take many attempts, and a lot of waiting.


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^^^ that dos sound good. how i do it is i feed them from a cup. like a tupperware one with all their crix in it and let them see them. then they eat from it after a while them move to the hand.
but your way may be faster than mine lol


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In my experience with my first girl I would just take it easy and kind of ignore (seem to not be interested in the cham) form a couple weeks (let them acclimate to the new home. Then start trying to interact with your cham. I would offer a wax, Phoenix, or silkworm off your hand. Don't watch your cham they move very quick lol and it makes them more comfy. Do you like being stared at?? If he seems uninterested don't force it upon him and just cup feed ( however your method) and try another day. But I've learned not watching them def helps. Also fridge the crix your goin to feed for about 5 mins and they will slow Down, if that's the onthy feeders you have but chams do like variety;)
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