hand feeding?


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my charm zeus is sick from mbd..i need to know he eats so i must now hand feed him until he can recover. should i open his mouth and drop one in. or is that too forceful? any techniques or advice would be appreciated. i am goin to try to feed him crickets, meal worms and wax worms
where should i start, one of my chams. eats right out of my palm(by of course shooting his tongue out).cham. 2 wont eat from my hand at all, so im forced to put the worms on a branch and walk away.cham. 3 will open his mouth and put his tongue out til i drop the worm on it.

I wont bother explaining the rest.
do u use any one of the three liquids or a mixture of all three of them in small portions....sorry for asking so many questions. i just want to be sure. i want zeus to make it
I have used the adcham recipe. My panther got sick a while back, and was force fed that recipe for almost a month. There is also some stuff you can get from your vet.. a liquid feeder for sick birds. It works really well also, but you have to have a prescription for it. I was told by an excellent exotics vet that Fluker's Repta-Aid is a close second to it. If you deside to buy some, make sure you get the insectivore formula.

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