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i have a young male veiled his cage is 24 by 24 by 48 (screened)
i have a small ficus and majesty palm in there and he is having trouble finding the crickets. most of the crickets are on the screen but he doesnt seem to think he can eat them what should i do?

i also have a hibiscus growing should i put that in there instead of the palm?


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How far away is the plant branches or vines (support for him to crawl closer on) from the screen? I know both of my guys, even though yes we all know their tongues can shoot far, mine prefer to take a few steps toward their prey before they'll shoot at them. If yours can't get closer, or close enough for their opinions, maybe that's part of it? I know I've seen some enclosures where they have a plant right in the middle, but none of the branches are close enough to the sides if they wanted to reach off & grab the sides, you know? Or maybe they are, but when you get far out on the branches they're floppity and don't feel secure?
Also might reconsider the size of your feeders, maybe? Might be too big & intimidating, or my old one refused to acknowledge small sized crickets, always wanted the size bigger.
Just some thoughts.
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