gutloading feeders question


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I'm going to be putting bug burger and dino fuel on the fruits for my feeders. Now can I feed them the gutload then feed them to my cham the next day or do I have to wait like 2 days before feeding them to him? Thanks in advance for any help.
General rule of thumb is that you feed your chameleons after your crickets have been gut loaded. So if you feed your crickets in the morning, then give it a couple hours and they'll likely all have stopped by for food. This time would be appropriate to feed them to your chameleons. Crickets are constantly searching for food, thus meaning they generally eat what you put in front of them right away. I personally always have gutload available for my crickets to eat, so I am never really worried about my chameleons not getting a cricket that hasn't been gutloaded.
start feeding the prey well for at least the 48 hours preceding when you will offer them to the chameleon, right up to the moment you feed them. You want full bug bellies. You don't need to worry that the prey hasn't fully digested the gutload - that's totally fine.
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