Gut loading cricket time line?


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I have searched for answers on previous posts here, but haven't found anything.

The care sheet says specifically to feed/gut load insects and then immediately feed them to chameleon no longer than 12 hours after. Is there a reason the insects shouldnt be eating a gut load based diet for long periods of time?
I ordered a box of 2000 crickets online and am housing them with constant access to food, is this wrong? And if so why?
The pet stores by me are always running out of crickets for days at a time so I want to have plenty on hand and keep them alive.

(Photo of my Mikey just for fun)

Thanks in advance!


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I buy my live food in packs and don't keep any colonies.

I transfer feeders into clean packs and gut load for 36-48 hours before using them.

Any waiting to be gut loaded are given a piece of carrot and or squash to keep them going and hydrated until transfer to a gut loading tub.

If you're feeding every 2 days it works well for me.
Several studies have been done on gutloading common insects, it takes about 48 hours for the insects to reach ideal gutloading capacity. Some of the gutloads are thought to hinder normal development which is why they suggest feeding the high calcium gutloaded insects separately than your main batch


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Mikey is a little cutie! I love the baby pics! I have always just gutloaded them all at the same time. But the max I ordered at once was 200 every two weeks to ensure they didn't grow bigger then I was able to feed. This way I was able to clean every week as well since it was easier to transfer less of them.


I’ve been gutloading with my own mixture puréed. I go by the acceptable list on this website. I feed in 12 hrs , should I be waiting longer?
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