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I picked up some gut load from the same pet store I got my veiled from.. It's called REPASHY super load for chameleons.. My question is that this gut load has vitamin D3 in it.. Wondering if using the calcium dust with D3 twice a month is overdoing the D3.. Any advice is appreciated
I would personally gut load with fruits and veggies before I would buy gut load from a pet store... But that's just me...
I use the bug burger from Repashy as gutload and I sprinkle it on the food also here and there in the powder form. I would be careful if it has d3, especially if you are dusting with a supplement that contains d3 also. If your chameleons are going to get a lot of outside time, then I would even be more leary of it. JMO If you are using it everyday, then I would say it is too much.
I just checked on the Bugburger and it also contains vit d. I only use this about once a week and then if I run out I may not use it for another couple of weeks. I think the main thing is, what is the concentration of d3 that it contains and how often you are gonna use it..
I don't know anything about the concentrate so ill just post a pic of what it has.. But goin by what u recommend I think I'll cut back on this gut load


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I mean you can do what you want but remember your chameleon is getting d3exposure from the uvb lighting provided or the sun if he is outside. Too much of anything artificial can never be a good thing I don't think.
I would use fresh, vegetables, nuts, seeds, a small amount of fruit and springle 100% organic DinoFuel over the mixture. All the ingredients are superfoods and there are no preservatives. It's a complete gutload and much better than the others out there.
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