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I am gathering the different ingredients in one of Sandrachameleon's awesome recipes and was wondering if its ok to buy the ingredients if they are in blocks and then throw them in the blender to turn them to powder. Here is the link to the recipe.

SandraChameleon's Recipe

The first one I am curious about is alfalfa. Can I buy that in blocks and then throw it in the blender. Heres what Im talking about.

Alfalfa Cubes
I grind everything into a powder and shake it all together. Alfalfa is the only ingredient I can't find in quantity so I use porridge oats instead.
The alfalfa I think most use is horse feed. Which you can buy in bulk (40-55 lbs). There are a lot of pellets out there with JUST alfalfa, no additives. What you want to be careful of are items loaded with too much calcium which some horse feeds add.

While calcium is necessary for our chameleons to be healthy, feeders like roaches/crickets can actually have problems molting and thus dying if they consume too much calcium which generally is not necessary for them at all.
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