Guess What??????

Guess Who My New Chameleon Is???

Don Diego From Chameleonsonly!!!

Despite What His Pic. Looks Like, I Saw Him At A Show, He Is Huge And Wonderfuly Nice, And Nice Looking!


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i almost bought him at the Pomona show a few weeks back... he is a really big boy, very friendly and very Beautiful!!


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good catch on that..........males are far more readily kept in any species.......only takes one male to keep several females busy.


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I've just got this mental picture of 6 extra adult female Sambavas sitting around.... Kinda makes one think they sold it for some other reason.
maybe so, but if you are right, they prob. sold him because the other females were for there other sambava...but who knows....he is still a healthy and awsome chameleon!
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