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Yes, I know I just posted but it's fine. Every now and then through out the day I go and check on my 4 month veiled. but she's always puffed out :cautious: I do have dogs and she hates them and puffs out at them, but they were with me in another room... so is she just grumpy?


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My Veiled girl has yet to become friendly at 1 year and 3 months. We have a love hate relationship. She loves me when I have food and hates me all other times. I just let her do her thing and take the friendliness when I can (really only when I have hornworms). My panther girl is way more calm and actually lets me take her outside every now and then.


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It’s been a little over a month that I’ve had Miss Grumpy and I’ve been respectful of her boundaries. I’ve recently been awarded with some trust. Instead of hissing and trying to snap at me, she now just watches me warily. Today she actually climbed onto my hand when I was cleaning her enclosure! Ok, so it was an escape attempt, but still is awesome.


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This is a horrible picture because I did not want to disturb her, but taken last night.

Really simple, 12”x12” flower pot with 8-10” of moist play sand. Set it on the floor of her viv like a potted plant. I like to have a pathos growing above and in front of the bin for some natural camouflage so she feels secure.
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