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I just got a male veiled, and he flares up when I open the cage. He wont let my hand get close to him without hissing. What approach should I take to get to the point where he will let me hold him without stressing him out.
If you just got him, then let him be for a while to get used to his surroundings. I would try holding a bug for him to eat so he can associate your hand with food.
Along with letting him adjust to his new home try putting a stick in there and having him climp onto it, he'll be less territorial once you get him out.
If he's new then your a threat, leave him alone for a couple of weeks. Let him see your hand delivering food, it takes time to gain his trust.

In just over 2 weeks our male has come from a terrified wreck who hides in the corner to a confident little guy who will literally run to the front of the cage and straight up our arms which was a total heart attack for us as the only time he flares up now is putting him back in his cage. Gain his trust first and the rest follows
please help my little one is hissing just started. he is alright when I take him from his cage but randomly wit start puffing and hissing. so I thot he was mad at me so I put kim down I tried this multiple times and he would walk over to me climb up my arm and then onto my head once he is up tjere he chills for a bit and then starts hissing I mean is it me because he keeps going up there. what should I do?
Chameleons are natural climbers so will instinctively climb as high as possible so they feel threatens if put on the floor and obviously to them your head is the highest place. But my female grumpy if I move to fast and if we meet with eye contact
like ill put him on the back of the couch and even if he is higher he will move to my head like when I am lying down on the couch watching tv. if he feels threatened by me why would he climb ontoy head and he dosent like me puting him down but hisses wile he is on me.
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