Grow light for Veiled enclosure

Good afternoon everyone!

I have been doing my research and cant seem to find a solid answer as to whether or not a grow light in my Veiled’s enclosure will harm her or not. My current issue is that every time I put a plant in her cage, a few weeks later they begin to lose their leaves and die. Its not a watering issue and can only assume its because there is no grow light. I haven’t purchased one yet because A) I dont onow if it will harm my chameleon and B) Which one to purchase if I should buy one. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!


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I can vouch for the jungle dawns at I have 2 of them and my plants are growing out of control. Todd the owner is also a great guy to talk to if you have any lighting questions.

Now if your looking for something a little cheaper I have seen people recommending this led spotlight light also

Also always check your temperatures with a temp gun and digital thermometer using these lights. Even though they are LED they do give off some heat in my experience.
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