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Hello to everyone on the forum. I have just taken custody of a 1.5 year old veiled chameleon. Now I have been reading up this species and am in process of building a new tank, and purchasing a mister, the couple was simply just misting the tank with a spray bottle 3 times a day. Now my question is on his color, he has been military camoflauge (greens) for about 1.5 weeks now. Now is this just a defensive color due to his new apartment surroundings. He turns bright green on his belly with teal spots when he is climbing on my hand and arm. But this brown green color makes him look dehydrated and I rarely see him drink.
any information on the attitude of an addopted chameleon would be greatly appreciated.

as well what is an average price of a used mister, for that is all I will be able to afford.
thank you,
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