~Greetings~ & Wish me luck!

Hello fellow hobbyists and reptile caregivers!
It will be a pleasure getting to know you guys and communicating experiences and individual knowledge together.
My name is Nathan, born and raised in North Alabama.
and have been keeping reptiles and amphibians as far back as I can remember. That appreciate and love of nature has stuck with me, and the knowledge and detailed animal husbandary skills i obtained as a result had even given me the opportunity to be on the management team in a pet store i loved for years and eventually was asked to run one of their next closest stores as the Store manager and overseer of all store operations. Though to me, caring for all the animals and the chance to keep all Kinds of crazy cool critters up for sale was a dream come true.
I'm no stranger to setting up enclosures, but in the past l have always aimed to recreate a slice of the habitat the animal originated from. Over 16 years and 45 or so unique enclosures I've done for my personal collection, i like to think I've gotten decent at it. But this was the first time wetting one up for a chameleon. They're just about the only available category of reptiles and amphibians I haven't had in my care before. In fact even as the manager of a pet store I would not sell chameleons in the store or special order them for people. Their fragility and reputation for dying randomly has always made me skittish, as I hold myself to a standard of giving every animal the absolute closest life to the one it would experience in the wild, if not better (minus the being hunted by predators aspect). However I'm finally ready to get my first chameleon! After years of study and 25 hours in the past two weeks alone. I'm extremely experienced with both reptiles and amphibians already though, especially lizards, so I do believe I can appropriately care for any species of chameleon at this point. I have been strongly leaving towards Carpet Chameleons, but I've designed the enclosure to suit virtually any of the tropical chams. However I do not lntend to purchase one from a retailer, I do my best to find someone who is in need of a person to give their pet a new home. Whether it be because they're moving or tired of it or feel they can't give it proper care, I would rather help them and the animal, instead of purchasing one who will end up in good hands either way. So time will tell what I end up with i suppose. But any general tips or personal unusual experiences you've had with your chams that you could share with me would be greatly appreciated! I am overly familiar with the basics but any less known knowledge or anything on a more scientific level that wouldn't be in a care guide, I would love to learn. So please, any advice is welcome! And thank you for allowing me to join your little family here ~
If the opportunity arises, are their any suggestions on why I shouldn't take an animal being rehomed? or perhaps any of you know someone looking to rehome their chameleon?Or even a if any of you have a good resource to put me in contact with someone in that situation, you would save me a great deal of time. And again hello and thank you! :cool:(y)
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