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Hello Everyone,

I just found this site, but I am not exactly new to chameleons or reptiles. I have had everything from Boa Constrictors to giant day geckos to Mali Uromastyx over the years. When my wife and I were stationed in Florida we had a male veiled chameleon that we unfortunately lost to illness when we moved to Maine. What we didn't know at the time was that chameleons are illegal in Maine anyway. Fast forward six years, and now we are stationed in Washington state. When we found out that there was a reptile show this weekend I dug the reptarium out of the attic, and got it ready. We weren't exactly sure what we might come some with, but I wanted to be ready.

We ended up getting a beautiful, little, male Jackson's from LLL. He was a little dark, and stressed at the show, but is already drinking, and seems to be settling quite well. Once I'm sure he is eating well I will take him out so I can get some good pictures of him. Unfortunately, my reptarium is not conducive to taking pictures.
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